community youth program.


In line with our mission to champion ‘community, change, compassion’, we are passionate about One Ambition as a non-profit program to provide mentorship and opportunity to disadvantaged youths and young adults (13-24) through the discipline of sport.

Upon acceptance into the program, participants are given membership to the gym, which includes daily classes and open gym time. Equipment is provided for each individual. Participants are required to show up for one class a week at a minimum. As well, participants still in high school are required to spend an hour Sunday with an in-house volunteer tutor to complete necessary school work or extra tutoring.

Physical training will include, but not limited to, calisthenics, shadow boxing, bag drills, hand-eye and footwork drills, cardio, and sparring. Participation in sparring is optional and up to the discretion of parents/guardians and participant.

Successful participants are ones that find discipline and confidence through the structure of sport. Success will be measured in ability to use this space as the foundation for personal development, not how well they box.

  • Have an interest in boxing
  • Under 24 as of application calendar year
  • Commit to a weekly class for 6 months (no exception)
  • Recommendation from teacher or partner organization