The full Quinit Boxing experience. Online.

Proper Progression

After years of coaching and competing, I've mastered how to progress in the sport in a way which ensures your game is well-rounded and comprehensive, no matter your experience level.

A Look Ahead

An overview of the week ahead, so you can know what to expect and visualize. Boxing is about moving with purpose.

Technique Breakdown

Detailed videos walking you thru every how and why of boxing to make sure you are ready to tackle each day's programming.

Coached Workout

I educate and motivate you thru your training, coaching you through like you're in fight camp. The tips and tricks to help you gain an advantage.

Drill Demonstrations

Want a quick refresh on how your feet should move or hands should be placed? Easily accessible GIF demos for every movement in the workout.

Why Audio Only?

Designed for audio only on purpose.

Focus on you.

Review technique videos beforehand but I want you to develop your own style, not copying mine. Concentrate on your own movements.

Made for real boxing use.

If you're watching a video, you're not visualizing while you work - and visualization is half the battle in purposeful training.

Keeping it simple.

Plus it's easy. Press 'PLAY' like you do for music and get to work. No more awkward propping up of a phone, just put headphones on and work.

Continued Community

Join us on our active QB Discord where members can connect, check form, give advice, or hang out on fight nights to talk shop. Get the QB community vibes, even online.

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