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the real deal.

Do the exact same training as my competitive athletes by learning the sport in a way that really translates into the ring.

Get coached by me anywhere, anytime. I educate and motivate you thru your training, coaching you through like you're in fight camp.

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QB Online

Designed for audio only on purpose.


Develop a Style

Review technique videos beforehand but I want you to develop your own style, not copying mine. Concentrate on your own movements.


Real Boxing Use

If you're watching a video, you're not visualizing while you work - and visualization is half the battle in purposeful training.


Keep it Simple

Plus it's easy. Press p like you do for music and get to work. ard propping up of a phone, just put headphones on and work.


Technique breakdown

Detailed videos walking you thru every how and why of boxing to make sure you are ready to tackle each day's programming.


drill demonstrations

Want a quick refresh on how your feet should move or hands should be placed? Easily accessible GIF demos for the movements in the workout.


more than boxing

Warmups, cool downs, and boxing accessories are all included - with more content added all the time! 

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What people say about us

Still unsure? Our QB Online members are loving the convenience and effectiveness!

Really appreciate that the workout itself is audio-only, way more convenient for actual use at the gym than videos. I’m a beginner, and being guided through the workout was really helpful and let me make the most of my time in the open gym.

Caitlin D.

Being a newer boxer I do feel like I need a little bit of guidance as to how to shadow box efficiently. This is the perfect set of guidelines that I can follow while making sure I’m doing my best to add my own style and do/learn things as I go through the motion. This is the perfect supplement to regular training in a gym.

Deion R.

QB Online is not just a pandemic thing. Between raising a family and running a business, I can't make it into the gym even a fraction of what would if I could. But QB Online helps bridge that gap. Huge resource. If you haven't tried it, just try one. The coaching from Jon is gold and exactly what he gives you in person.

Chilwin C.

Great job! I was able to get a good sweat in with the workout provided at home on my own. I will definitely utilize this at open gym as well. Super easy to follow along and it felt like taking an actual class.

Jeremy E.

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