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Learn the sport in an environment that promotes continued progress. We break the sport down into a curriculum to ensure both novices and pros get the attention they need to improve.

All that in an environment that has a home for everyone.

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The two week trial will give you the fullest understanding of our school of sweet science. It will allow you try a variety of classes and coaches - and immerse yourself in our community! 

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hear from our community

I can honestly say Quinit Boxing Gym is the most inclusive gym i've been to. No matter what your background or ability you're made welcome and included in the Quinit family! As well as the gym having awesome vibe, the coaching is quality. Jon knows his stuff because he's been there and done it. If you're looking for a gym to get in shape,  make friends or complete at a top level, Quinit can offer what you want. Hopefully see you down there!

Glad to have found a great coach in Jon.  He has the credentials to back it up as he has extensive experience in representing team Canada in the amateurs.  
The overall gym environment here is great.  Everyone is super friendly and chill which was an eye opener for me as I came from a gym which was very 'old school'.  Highly recommend this gym for beginners as well as experienced boxers.

When you move from one side of the world to the other, it’s often hard to find your feet when you know no one. Thankfully I found Quinit Boxing pretty soon after meeting Vancouver. It’s not just a boxing gym, it’s a real community.

The absolute best boxing gym in the city. This place is a gem and the sense of community here is unreal. The people are great, the atmosphere is great, but what really makes it stand out are the coaches here. Jon has done an amazing job recruiting some stand up people to represent his gym. Whatever your skill level is the coaches are always giving everyone their equal attention and genuinely want you to progress in boxing and fitness. Love this place!

Amazing coaches, with a very welcoming atmosphere. All levels of boxers are treated with respect, kindness and care. Every coach has something different to offer, creating a well-rounded application to boxing. Brava!!!

The culture that Jon and the crew have created over the three short years that Quinit has been open is extremely welcoming and positive. They have been making sure anyone and everyone will feel comfortable learning the sport.