amateur team

one of the biggest teams in bc

The competitive team is the cornerstone of Quinit Boxing. We actively compete in clubs shows, tournaments, and at the provincial and national levels.

With a large competitive team, we have sparring opportunities for all weight classes.

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our commitment to our athletes

We are all a team where iron sharpens iron. Sparring is a time for everyone to learn and this philosophy is heavily enforced. Come expecting a safe and welcoming sparring environment.


Accepted team members can expect weekly sparring and training. Cohorts are set up based on skill level and weight classes. Sparring cohort time slots include skill building, situational sparring, and open sparring.


We actively pursue fight opportunities for our competitive athletes. As heavily involved Boxing BC board members, we are up to date on events and news to get you matched up for bouts.

Pathway to competing
Programming designed to make sure you always progress in the sport


Learn the biomechanics of every movement in boxing - from plyometrics to footwork to punches and defense.


Learn to read and react by visualizing an opponent. Begin to understand the how's and why's of each combination and reaction.



Get a progress report! Find out your strengths and weaknesses to begin learning your boxing style.


Scored well in the Assessment? Learn and develop fight strategies, styles, and tactics.


try out

Interested in sparring or competing? Try out for the competitive team.


intro to sparring

Not quite ready for sparring? Get comfortable in this class with contact and how to defend yourself.


sparring cohort

Sparring is a time to learn and try new things. Learn through controlled and situational sparring mixed with open sparring.


high performance team

Special programming for those with potential to medal provincially or nationally.


professional team

Progress from amateur boxing to professional boxing by joining our full-service team.

joining the team

There is an application process to enter the competitive team in order to ensure those participating are able to engage in sparring safely.

Competitive team members must meet and commit to these requirements in order to be considered:

Active member of Quinit Boxing
Registered athlete of Boxing BC
Medical completed and valid for the current competitive season
Spar weekly in the allotted time slot for your weight class
Solid understanding of boxing fundamentals
16oz gloves, mouthguard, headgear, jock (if applicable) required

You will be evaluated based on the following:

Attended and did well in 'Try Out'
Desire to compete
Complete all required registration steps

Interested in sparring or competing? All members who want to engage in full contact must first attend a 'Try Out'.

During 'Try Out', we will be testing to see if you understand how to use your jab, if you're comfortable in the exchange, if you can stop the action and how successful you can be fighting your fight. You will be partnered up and put through situational drills with light contact.

Not quite there? You may be invited to join 'Intro to Sparring' to get comfortable with contact and the exchange.

Score high? You're ready to join us in 'Sparring Cohort' and be in full-contact open sparring.

1 hour
Light contact
16oz gloves and wraps required
Head gear and mouth guard required

Cohorts are grouped by weights and experience. Please ensure you can regularly attend your appropriate cohort before applying.

Cohort A: <145 lbs
Cohort B: 145-160 lbs
Cohort C: 165-175 lbs
Cohort D: 180+ lbs
Cohort M: 40+ Years Old (All Weight Classes)
Cohort W: Women's (All Weight Classes)
Intro to Sparring Cohort: All Weight Classes

Schedule as of August 2021
Cohort A: Sunday 5-6pm and Saturday 10-11am
Cohort B: Wednesday 8-9pm and Saturday 10-11am
Cohort C: Sunday 4-5pm and Saturday 9-10am
Cohort D: Sunday 4-5pm and Saturday 9-10am
Cohort M: Tuesday 8-9pm
Cohort W: Saturday 4-5pm
Intro: Sunday 3-4pm and Monday 8-9pm

Please complete all steps below.

If you are unsure if you are eligible to spar yet, please reach out.

Ensure you can commit to sparring in your weight class time slot
Complete Boxing BC medical
Complete QB team application form below

Looking for join us as a professional?



By invitation only.

Special programming for those with potential to medal provincially or nationally. Training is periodized to peak for provincials and nationals to ensure peak performance.

structured training

Training is periodized with key concepts, number of workouts, and types of workouts. Athletes do regular check-ins to ensure they're progressing in skills and athletic performance.

special programming

HP team have access to seminars geared towards performance, strength and conditioning, and more.

frequently asked questions
how do i start sparring?

A solid understanding of boxing fundamentals is mandatory to ensure you can properly defend yourself in the ring. Our group fitness classes are designed to progress you to sparring, if interested. Check out our 'Pathway to Competing' for more information. If you have ambitions to spar in future, please let us know so we can give you specific advice.

how do i start competing?

Once regularly sparring, head coach Jon will assess whether you are able to compete. Then we will begin to submit your names for matchmaking in bouts. QB amateur athletes compete in Boxing BC sanctioned bouts only.

can i come spar your team?

Sparring is for members only unless you are part of a Boxing BC chartered club. If you are part of a Boxing BC chartered club, please have your coach reach out to us and we'd be happy to organize a day!

how do i turn pro?

Professional athletes require amateur experience to be approved by the athletic commission. This often means becoming an open fighter (10 fights as an amateur athlete).


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