for ages 12-18

learn lifelong skills having fun

Through martial arts, children learn discipline, self-confidence, and a foundation for lifelong physical health. Our youth classes focus on proper technique, developing coordination, and above all, a positive fun-loving environment!

Certified boxing coaches

Coaches are certified in Safe Sport Training to ensure QB is a safe and positive environment. Our coaches provide a safe and inclusive training and competitive environment that is free of abuse, harassment or discrimination.

movement is key

Children don't need to specialize in sport at an early age. It's important for kids to move in a variety of ways to promote balance and physical health. Our classes are well-rounded which teaches them how to love moving!

Juniors training
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Games and activities are inclusive, fun, and skill based. Participants learn basic boxing skills, tactics, and strategy. They round out their practice with strength, flexibility, and movement drills.

45mins - 1 hour session
Hand wraps, gloves, athletic shoes required

I agree to abide by the Quinit Boxing policies outlined to me. I will do my best to make this a good experience for myself and fellow participants. I understand and support Quinit Boxing prohibits the possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, dangerous or unauthorized materials, such as explosives, firearms, weapons, and other similar items, and understand their use as well as abusive behaviour is cause for dismissal.I understand that Quinit Boxing staff and volunteers are available to assist and support me throughout my participation and I must engage with them in a respectful manner. I understand that failure to live up to this promise might result in the removal of my Quinit Boxing membership/program participation.

Abide by all COVID-19 policies
Abide by participant commitment
Abide by zero-tolerance bullying and harrassment policy
Abide by Abuse and Neglect policy
Bring a full water bottle to class
Please come dressed appropriately for fitness activity
Please leave valuables at home

Coaching comes with responsibility – including supporting your participants' right to a safe and positive environment. When participants and parents entrust us with leadership, you're trusting that we have taken the steps to become a responsible coach. We support this trust by learning and implementing the Three Steps to Responsible Coaching.

The Three Steps to Responsible Coaching are a learning approach that supports coaches with the training and knowledge they need to ensure a safe (open and observable), healthy, and fun sport environment.

Rule of Two
Screening of Coaches
Respect and Ethics Training

Looking for private training? Our coaches offer youth private training.


boxing is for everyone

one ambition subsidized program


Your first time at Quinit Boxing? We're happy to have you.

The two week trial will give you the fullest understanding of our school of sweet science. It will allow you try a variety of classes and coaches - and immerse yourself in our community! 

Access to classes and open gyms


Single class drop in.

Access to classes and open gyms


$139 / MONTH


$89 / MONTH

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$179 / MONTH


Access to classes and open gyms
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$24.90 / SESSION


Monthly membership doesn't make sense for you? Class passes are a low commitment option!

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